About Us

One Man's Vision

walterIn 1998 Walter Nash Jr. joined Lefty’s Barbecue Unlimited.  Upon his arrival “WNJ or Jr.” as he’s commonly referred to immediately began to assess and address the daily operations and also future needs of Lefty’s Barbecue.

While securing and structuring contracts with PepsiCo, Micros, Comcast, and a host of other vendors, WNJ began to focus on building their customer base through writing and directing commercials for Lefty’s Barbecue.  With annual sales north of 600K, WNJ knew that the key to true success was customer awareness and the strength of the products being served.

With the addition of WNJ, sales began growing twenty five to thirty percent each year. WNJ then began to overhaul the current pricing structure, back & front house operations and designed a new refrigerated walk-in and corporate offices; located next door to Lefty’s Barbecue. With continued growth of sales annually Lefty’s Barbecue was well on its way to becoming a house hold name in the local community.

In 2001 WNJ had an epiphany!  He realized that the only way to enjoy true success would be to build a company to bring these products to the market under his direction as CEO.  With customers asking for his grandfathers (BEN) BBQ sauce, NC Pork BBQ (vinegar base) and his mother’s (Margaret) famous fry mix he decided to manufacture these items for all channels of distribution including food service, retail and wholesale.

And so Lefty’s Spices, LLC was born!  As the Founder and CEO of Lefty’s Spices, LLC WNJ began his journey by designing labels, packaging and establishing meetings with various manufactures in order to come up with the right flavor profile for each product.

His next step was preparing and conducting meetings with Fortune 500 companies such as Sysco, Smithfield Foods, Sam’s Club, Wal-Mart, AHOLD/Giant, Costco and a host of other distributors and grocery retailers to tell them the story of his grandfather who had the idea to start a BBQ food stand along with his father “Lefty” who had the means.

Today Lefty’s Spices products can be found nationwide, from military commissaries (bases) to national grocery retailers.  Lefty’s Spices has begun the first phase of growing into a worldwide manufacturer of quality meats, sauces and spices.

As WNJ always say’s “The truth and the customer will set you free.”  We look forward to seeing you at the shelf and at Lefty’s Barbecue!