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A Man and His Dream

Growing up in the back woods of Georgia Walter Nash Sr., a.k.a. Lefty, always wanted more out of life. He remembers how he grew up pickin' cotton while dreamin' about moving east to start his own business.

While still a teenager Lefty moved to Washington DC. Throughout his adult years, he has tried to "jump-start" his business from selling The Bahiuman Diet to a funeral escort service. It wasn't until he and his family were sitting around the table that he realized how his wife, Margaret, would always get compliments on her cooking. Realizing how much of a passion she had for formulating recipes, he began dreaming of opening a restaurant. He remembered how he grew up with his dad cooking pigs in a manmade pit in the backyard from sunset to sunrise. His family would pretty much eat everything from the pig - starting with the hog head cheese, chitterlings, pig ears and ending with hash.

Influenced by his dad, Lefty and his wife finally opened a trailer in Hughesville, Maryland just selling ribs, chicken, North Carolina pork and sides. Margaret was on a mission experimenting with different spices and seasonings until she finally was pleased with her creation of Lefty's own rib rub. Lefty knew this seasoning was special. However, to make the ribs even more special he knew that he would have to pre-season his meats a few days prior to cooking them. Afterwards, he would place them in a cooker, raw not parboiled and slowly smoke them for over 4 hours with hickory wood!

Folks would travel as far as Baltimore and D.C. to see the backhouse of the trailer with stacks of hickory and mesquite wood piled high and intense smoke pumpin' from the building... one could smell the aroma for miles!

Today in Waldorf, Lefty's daughter LaTanya manages the restaurant and the catering division. His son, Walter, Jr. is the Founder & CEO of Lefty's Spices, LLC which manufacturers the popular hot and mild barbecue sauces, meats, dry seasoning and the fish n' chicken seasonings.

As a family restaurant we realize how important our customers are. Our mission is to treat our customers, our guests, with exceptional hospitality and provide quality ingredients and products available in order to continue making flavorful recipes.

Everyday we instill in our employees Lefty's philosophy, "treat the customer right because we're not the only rib joint in town."